First Crypto backed by an Investment Fund

InfinityPool (INP) is an investment management company tied to a
dividend-based blockchain cryptocurrency token, which seeks long-term growth of capital.

Welcome to Infinity Pool

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InfinityPool is a project that not only rewards its holders in crypto gains but also generates dividends using an investment fund. The Infinity team has created the Pool ecosystem. Infinity will operate on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). The initial supply of the token will be 10,000,000,000 tokens. The team has decided that there will be no Developer wallets set aside. Throughout the project, the team will burn at least 300,000,000 tokens. Members of the team will begin doxing during the presale time and the contract will undergo at least two external audits.

Why InfinityPool

What Service We Offer

InfinityPool employs a multi-strategy trading approach with investment fund allocations that encompasses a broad range of strategies, including, without limitation: equity-oriented, hedge/arbitrage, commodities, portfolio volatility protection, and potentially real-estate securities. Between the investment fund and the dividend-based cryptocurrency tied to the company, Infinity Pool has a well-rounded stream of revenue. This company will also offer an investment and
consulting system which will include; live portfolio alerts, risk management, options training, research, and weekly breakdowns of current Portfolio holdings with an issued statement.

Live Portfolio alerts

The token will provide a paid discord membership with live alerts that it’s participants can benefit from for an affordable price.

Risk management

We will have a team of investors and advisers managing the portfolio daily, mitigating risk assessment for consistent growth of the fund.

Investment System

The portfolio will be compounding from it’s monthly gains indefinitely, along with all transactions from the cryptocurrency aggregating to the total sum. This two way stream of revenue, will lead to exponential long term accumulation of wealth into the portfolio.

How to Buy

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Infinity Pool Ecosystem

InfinityPool is a project that not only rewards its holders in crypto gains but also generates dividends using an investment fund. The Infinity team has created the Pool ecosystem. Infinity will operate on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20).

15 Billion

Token Supply

175 +

Global Node

3.3 Billion

Token burn


InfinityPool Distribution

The basic function of the token is that every transaction will have an 11% tax.

11% Tax
Auto BNB wallet
0% 100%
Liquidity Pool
0% 100%
Marketing wallet
0% 100%

How to buy InfinityPool


Stages in InfinityPool

2021 Q3

The development of the Token will be finished, with the contract going live through DX Sale August 17, we will get 2 external audits. The investment portfolio will be started, as well as the discord giving live alerts and updates on it’s holdings. First of the monthly dividend payments are going to be sent out to holders October 1.

2021 Q4

The investment fund will be compounding monthly, as the team continues to market and develop the token. We will also be looking to get into one of the top 100 exchanges

Q1 2022

As the Investment Fund continues to grow, we will branch out to into other streams of revenue, expanding into real estate investments and other assets in the financial industry.


The team will forever continue to compound and grow the account indefinitely, being the only token to Infinitely compound it’s investors dividends


Meet The Executive Team

Mitchell Jacobson(Co-Founder)

Chief Investment Officer and Head of Operations.
One of the three founders for Infinity Pool. In under 6 months of entering the stock space, Mr.Jacobson has over 50 current mentees, with active 1 on 1 sessions daily. At 18, Mr. Jacobson has also had features live on Instagram with people like Drstockz and Benzinga. He currently is a stock moderator for 4 suscription based discords, providing daily call outs and analysis regarding trades. Mr. Jacobson will head the Portfolio Group, which will include overseeing all traders and analysis Infinity Pool has or brings on in the future. Averaging over 40% monthly, Mr. Jacobson will be hands on for day to-day activity in the investment portfolio. He will also help administrate operations regarding company asset allocations and the scheduling of the consulting.

Addan Rodriguez (Co-Founder)

Chief of Crypto Development and Lead of Analytics
One of the three founders for Infinity Pool. Mr. Rodriguez is a former developer and minority owner for previous project RTT(Currently listed on the Bitmart exchange), Mr. Rodriguez helped develop and launch that project. He is one of the partners that will help administrate the contract wallets along with Parker, as well as manage Infinity Pool's launch. Mr. Rodriguez will also be assisting with managing the investment portfolio, focused on the technical analysis of stock trends. His often bearish approach on the stock market is a huge asset to the Portfolio Group. Mr. Rodriguez and Parker will be crypto leverage trading with 5% of the investment fund.

Parker Tagtmeier (Co-Founder)

Chief Commercial Officer and Lead Crypto Trader
One of the three founders for Infinity Pool as well as former lead developer and minority owner for previous project Real Trump Token(RTT), which is currently listed on one of the USA exchanges, Bitmart. Mr. Tagtmeier will be heading the crypto space of this company as well as dealing with marketing influence. He mediates partnerships with influencers and contracted promoters. Mr.Tagtmeier's ability to find social media partnership on top of social engagement regarding former projects has created a large platform for influence and connections across the world in the crypto space. Mr.Tagmeier will be the lead trader for the crypto leverage account as well as lead consulter for crypto related services on the consulting side of Infinity Pool.

Truman Wojski (Executive)

Head of Finance and Strategy
Mr. Wojski has been investing and trading in the stock market for over 3 years. He is the founder and CEO of his online business “TruWealth LLC” which educates people on the stock market and finance in general. Mr. Wojski has grown his online following to over 35,000 with nearly 1,000 students on his discord server. He has mentored hundreds of people, including one of his early followers who were broke while being completely new to the stock market and with Mr. Wojski's help, this follower is now a stockbroker on Wall Street. Truman was also an early cryptocurrency investor and is now pursuing other business ventures such as becoming a real estate agent and investor. His motivation, discipline, business experience, and stock market expertise are what makes Mr. Wojski a great asset to have as an executve.


Infinity Pool is the first cryptocurrency to offer an infinitely compounding, monthly dividend payment to it’s holders. By bringing on a team of skilled and reputable traders to run the investment fund, Infinity Pool is a long term project; which will continue to grow and compound regardless of the volume brought in from the coin itself. The revolutionary utility that the coin introduces, will bring about a real long term project, that is not hindered by the volume or atmosphere of the crypto market. Rather feeding into each other in an infinite symbiotic relationship, generation long term passive income for its holders.

You will be able to hold Infinity Pool, in any wallet which can hold Bep 20 Tokens, the most popular ones being MetaMask and Trustwallet.